Sunday, April 21, 2013

We have been busy-beavers Nick & I....rented a storage, sorting out lots of 'stuff'...Boy oh Boy...where and how did we ever accumulate so much 'stuff'????????? Oh my goodness gracious...opening up cabinets & much stuff!  We are selling on eBay, Craigslist, going to the outreaches to donate clothing etc.  Nick is pulling out 'stuff' out of boxes from way back yonder!!!!  My My My! Stuff!

Anyway it feels good to 'lighten our load' truly...!  The plan is to close May 24th.  So our goal is to get as much into storage these first 3 weeks - so we can enjoy the last 2 weeks and part our ways with friends here.  I got my Tetanus shot this week...ouch....Nick already had his a while back...they are good for 10 yrs we hear.

Still need the Hepetitis A & B getting inquiry about that one..but it seems our insurance does not cover that.  Strange...I hear only work related not travel. 

Nick has been playing "Indo" music while boxing and cleaning up around you think he is getting excited?????

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wow ...! It is Really Happening!

Well Here we Are...mid April and we received a acceptable offer on our home...and the Buyer was also interested in our furniture...amazing!  Nick & I are so pleased with our buyer and he is ever so happy with our home that we have loved and enjoyed these past 11 yrs!  So what is next?  Well do some a storage, sort out what we will leave for the buyer, put in storage and also take with us in our backpack...(not much..ha!)  Exciting days ahead! 

We are excited to plan our trip - most likely a one way ticket to Singapore.
Our friends Jerry & Wilma who are missionaries in Cambodia is where we hope to land first...heading north from Singapore through Malaysia through Thailand into Cambodia is our plan.  Jerry & Wilma have been serving the Lord there these past 11 yrs and Nick & I are so wanting to spend some time with them...there is an amazing work being done there!