Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just a Week Day and a Good Walk~

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day in Salatiga!  So with Sun shining brightly & blue skies - I did a load of wash and hung it out to dry -
always remembering those good ole days way way back when we hung our clothes out to dry when I still lived at "home" - gosh has that been a long time ago or what?  Yes - it has - but it was one of my responsibilities as a kid, and then ironing  e v e r y t h i n g  afterwards...that was a normal thing to do back then...towels, underwear...handkerchiefs-- and I still think of it each time I do the wash here.  Yes our simplistic washing machine rotates separately and then you have to put the wash in the other section that spins it!  OK - I can just hear you all back home saying "huh?"  
Hey when you have had nothing for a while - it is really great to have this one!!!! And the Sun...well it makes the clothes smell so fresh!  Remember?

Nick & I decided
we should go for a walk today...hmmm...where should we go to get our exercise in? about Kayu Arum our favorite hotel/restaurant in town?  Where we have been guests ourselves when we first arrived in Salatiga?  OK - that was our destination and would be fun...and a good walk too!  
...and that it hour the Sun...90+ out there...we were cooking by the time we arrived at the hotel...and we did not realize how far it was and all uphill about getting your exercise in for the day????!!!!!

We said "Hello!"  to Tia the receptionist.......

at the front desk -(and we got a BIG smile from her as we came in)  it was great to see her again!  She & her friend/colleague Yanti would come to our home to do conversational English with me when we first moved into the house...remember?  

Just had to take a picture with her again! Such a pretty lady...and so petite & charming!

We walked into the garden area and made a "B" line to the restaurant...we were hot...Ceasar gave us a warm handshake and we quickly ordered a nice large ice tea....ahhhhhhhhh!!!! We relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the pretty there....and the slight breeze helped too!

 We ordered a special they enchilada with red
beans...hey that sounds good huh we split a little dish - just right!  We cooled down and enjoyed the light lunch and we text message Gordon & Deborah to see if they were planning a swim here at the hotel today - they do that about 3 times a week...laps!
 ...and yes...she text back "we are on our way!" 

So here they hot just like we were!  "Quite a walk huh you guys?" sure can get hot out there - and it is only 12 noon!
 I needed to use the "little girls" room and I took a picture of it for you!  Yes...this is a picture of the bathroom with a garden right outside - and a gold-fish you are actually sitting outside
 As I looked upward...I saw this tree and it had my favorite fruit hanging in it...Rambutan...those red spiky shells...that have that delicious "flowery flavor" fruit inside! I got my camera out of my purse and took a picture for you all....
 ...looking up into the tree...are you excited?  

I bet you are...! Sorry but it was really a unique bathroom setting!!! 

 We walked over to the pool area - and Gordon & Deborah had enjoyed the whole pool to themselves...nice!
 Refreshing...they said! While they swam, Nick & I played a game of chess - over by the pool-table room.  The hotel have this 
KING SIZE chess game and we played a match...and guess who won????!!!!

Gordon & Deborah headed home...the hotel gave then a ride home with the hotel car...what a courtesy!  And Nick & I (even though we live in their neck of the woods) decided we needed the walk home!  So we did...and it was much hotter still out there!  Gosh!  But we made it...and along the way - I saw some things worth taking a picture of...... Here is a tire of a car....the side are cut....then the tire is turned inside out....and then a lid of rubber is made on it and under it...and it becomes the trash container in front of the houses as you walk along the way!

 What an idea huh?

We're almost home Nico.....
 There was a rooster, a chicken & chick resting...
 ...and quite a fancy looking house just completed as we got closer to our neighborhood we are pretty close by the International   school...hmm...wonder who lives here?

Ah......turning into our street.....Jalan Antasena........we made it Nico! 

Right across the street "kiddie-korner" from our house...the owner of this lot is clearing the land...all the banana trees & palm trees cut....
...and everything is neatly stacked...ready
to be removed...and we think the plan is to build a house on this vacant what a big piece that is...that will be a large house or two?  

    Boy oh Boy we did our walking for the Day? Week?  Our legs feel a bit like jelly..ha!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Weekend ~

 Rain! Rain! Rain! so what does Nico do?  

Pulls out his paint brushes...NOW that is using your time wisely Nico!
Little by little he mixes and paints and then we begin to see the Sawa's & mountain in the background....rice fields and ah I see a banana tree too!  

 Looking forward to the end result...will keep you posted!
 This weekend - Saturday we have been enjoying doing sharing conversational English with our neighbors down the road!  Wawan & Nanik warmly invites us to come join them on Saturday's from 3:30 - 5:30 pm and guess what?  The group is growing!  We invited Gordon & Deborah "our new friends" here in Indonesia just under 2 months...and also Ryan to join us who also has been here going some weeks now!  They are all taking Indonesia language.  

So Nick & Ryan went off to pick up Gordon & Deborah at the main street close by!

Hi Gordon!

 ....and there is Deborah....Hey Girl!
 She is still getting the hang of things...if you haven't ever been on a bike before...well it takes a little time to get use to!  But.. WAY FUN RIGHT????

So we walked together the 5 of us down Jl Antesena to our neighbors down the road and went inside to join them!  It was Deborah, Gordon & Ryan's first time!  We were glad to have them join all of us!  

....... more and more people arrived...word is getting around...people are so wanting to practice & actually speak English it is such a pleasure to help do this!

 Ryan's parents have been in Papua for over 30 yrs and he just finished his college in the States and now coming back to join them there in Papua...pretty special! The best news is - he is engaged - and Amanda back in the States will be joining Ryan when they get married in can imagine how happy he is!

Yeah Ryan & Amanda!

 There's my sweet Endah...just arrived with her son Muhammad..."Hello' glad you too are here!"
 Here comes Sarah & Aaron too!  

More & more people arrived - gosh new faces too!  Jeremy & Mindy with their girls...Luke & Joy & kids...

Fifi & Risti, Illya the lecturer, Marisa, & Mari, Dedi, Lillis & Dia, Melani, Dawi and Tri & Ika- and Novia arrived too!  

Would you believe it Novia speaks 13 languages!  Oh My what smart girl she is!  


I bet I forgot a lot of names!  But everyone was so nice...and it was a very special time!  The leaders suggested we go outside...on the tarp...because as more people arrived, there was no more room in the house!

 As we got settled (Ellen is not too great sitting on the ground without a back support - but we did it!)

 There was little snacks brought out too for everyone - so generous! 
 Each person in a small group would have a chance to introduce themselves...share a favorite activity and also a favorite food...and then afterwards we all had a chance to introduce someone in our group and share what their favorite activity & snack was!

~Novia loves languages & enjoys eating chicken with noodles!
~Fifi likes to read books and also likes noodles.
~Endah likes to watch movies and enjoys Nasi Goreng Trasi 
~Tia enjoys going on vacation on    & likes eating red rice. ~Yani likes to sing and also likes eating sambal Trasi.  And Gordon likes movies & eating sate'

 It was fun - we all had a great time - and making really nice friends too! 

As the "word" gets around.. many people are coming as they begin to share it with others! 

I  hope this continues to is a wonderful! A  Bridge builder to  brings community to us all!  So very very special!  We are so pleased - the Ladies "professional group" have organized this and it has  is already been going on now for 6 months ....with much success!  "Go!  Professional Ladies" - you are doing a great job!                                      

Nick & I invited Gordon & Deborah, and Ryan to stay for dinner - we were all famished!  So off Nick went to the local warung "My Waffle" to pick up orders of nasi goreng special, with fried egg & cap cay! (Vegetables) ~  krupuk of course and lots of sambal too!  YEAH!!!!!!

 It was relaxing to chat and enjoy one another ~ we are enjoying getting to know our new friends and already feel so' connected - neat huh? 

Nick & Ryan brought the "Savages" home on the bikes - They are getting use to it..little by little!

We'll get them on a bike before long...just need to practice on the soccer field down our roadway - just like I did....and before you know it they too will enjoy the pleasure of a motorbike!  Yep! 

So that was Saturday and then on Sunday - after church ~ Nick & I had invited our friends Frans & Agnes with their girls, Anastasia, Elizabeth, and Ann Mary - and also Babis & Kristiani with their son & daughter Anastasios & Angeliki... for a spaghetti lunch and fellowship!  Nick & I wanted the two families to meet - both living here in town, and both men having been employed on the Cruise ships for several years! 

Agnes is dishing up for the family!  
 ...and Kristiani is doing the same for hers! 
 ...and the guys are talking!  Together there is 18 + 15 yes of traveling the World - they have a lot to share with one another!
         Thank you Frans & Agnes, Babis & Kristiani and kids for joining us!  You are dear to us!

 We all had a good time...and the kids warmed up to one another...I blew up some ballons and we played "volleyball" in the entry room...that worked!  Agnes called me "oma" well this oma wanted the kids to enjoy one another and how does a oma do that?  With ballons of course! ha!

So Sunday was a great day

....and here it is Monday already!

The Sun was out this morning - so I did a load of wash.  

This evening Beppie & Elisha invited us over to meet their friends from Semarang - Rob & Ria who are Dutchies in Semarang!
Elisha & Beppie is celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary...won't that be special to be together with them this evening!