Monday, September 29, 2014

A "Date" with my son Jas!

 Jas picked me up at the house...and after sitting with Nick for a cup of we went towards the beach!  Kijkduin for a Dutch pancake!

He had a place in mind!  We saw "Elmo" in the window...Hey Skyler...we are thinking of YOU!

There's your buddy Elmo Skyler!!!!

We had a special time together...just sitting and talking and talking some more!

Then we went to town & Jas ran an errand and sent me off to go shop...and then when he returned I had on a new vest! 

Jas & Milou gave mom some money to go buy something - so I did.......Thank you Milou & Jas...I like it alot!  Jas too said it looked way cool....that made Mom happy!

Sunday Evening....Marleen came over to take care of Skyler while we headed out for dinner!
There they are waving from the window......."Dag Skyler! Dag you later!"

 Jason "Birthday" dinner wish was a Italian that's what it will be!!!! 
 A Special evening out with Jas & Milou!                     Momma likes!!!!

(Hey Nicky  - look at this red one in the harbor of               Scheveningen???!!!!!)
 ....Do I read "Bucket?" Could that be Bucket List maybe????????
 Oh we are proud of our family!  Sweet! Jas & Milou are darling together...!!!!!  Love you Jas & Milou!!!!

Talk about a handsome couple...!!!!!
 As the gifts were being opened...the waiter came over and asked if there was a Birthday????  And before you knew it ...there was fireworks...and a song went on the loudspeaker..."Lang zal ze leven in de Gloria....and everyone sang along!!!!!"  "Happy Birthday to YOU!" The Dutch Birthday Song ~

 Happy 35th Birthday Jason (well actually October 4th!) Wow...what a surprise!!!!!!!

Jas enjoyed his ice cream once things settled down...ha!
 So what is in the package????  Hmmmmm what could it be you guys??????

 Thank you Jas & Milou for all your love & care and special times we have shared! 

Marleen has been a good babysitter for Skyler while we went out for dinner!  Tante Marleen made a pancake for Skyler and then she had a nice bath...what fun they had!  Skyler loves her auntie!!! 

Skyler was glad to see us back...oh so much attention this little girl receives.....

....lots of lovin'!!!!

All clean and Skyler smells so good!

My little girl!  How I love her so!

Baidenmann Reunion Gathering ~ ast Days! Koempoelan

What fun we have had seeing the family again...this time on MY father's side...The Baidenmann's!

We enjoyed seeing Tante Christel who was married to my uncle (brother of Uncle Paul in Portland Oregon) Tante Christel is doing well.. enjoying her pretty apartment in Hendrik Ido Ambacht!
Here's Frank my cousin & Tante Christel & Ellen my cousin!

My cousin Ellen Baidenmann and Hendrik Jan came over to see us and also Frank my cousin whom I had not seen since he was a little guy!  I so enjoyed him too!
It was great to see him again and we had such a nice evening!  Tante Christel shared her foto album from when they had come to California to visit us and the family & cousins in Portland!

That was fun to look through!  So it was great!

Ellen & Ellen took a picture together - yes I too was a Ellen funny is that!

Then the next day we drove to the Tilburg area Goirle - and we all met at Wim & Marley's house - now Marley, Jose and Jacqueline and the oldest Joop their brother who has passed away (named after my father) all came together...including Edward & Ingrid who also came down from Heemstede.

So the story is this: my father Joop (John)  had a brother Eddy and two sisters Evie & Lidy.  Edward is from Tante Evie,  and the girls are from Eddy my uncle...
Wim our host is chattng with Jose who had just arrived!

Wim & Marley & kids came to the States and rented a motorhome and visited us there in Modesto!  They showed us a picture of it...gosh 25 years ago?????? Oh my...can that be???

             Jose and Charley

Jacqueline & Ron

              Ron hugging Ingrid and Dolph ~
Charley & Dolph & Nick getting to know each other !
Charley had heard about those very special "hazelnut cake/taart" from The Hague Maison he was eager to try it!  With my visits in the 70's down to the family...I always brought the hazelnut cake with everyone enjoyed them once again..."the news has spread with the "extended" family...ha!  Nothing has changed with the recipe...they are just as nice as so long ago! 

Eward arrives with Ingrid
Jeannette is Joop's daughter - I knew her as a tot! 
Wim had turned on the outside fireplace - so cute! 
Thijs was cooking up sate

Thijs and Hanneke just got married....Congratulations!

Thijs is the son of Marley & Wim
Good job Thijs...keep that Indo food going...we all love it! 
Marley & Wim hosted the their house....and all the dishes were getting warmed up!  Everyone chipped in to make it a special afternoon! 

Romey & Natalie are Jeannette & Dolph's daughters! 

 Here we sit all enjoying some wonderful family time together!

Hanneke on the left - the Newlywed Bride!
Of course "Million" Edwards pup came too!

 What "flashy" eyes he has!

What a great time we all had!  A SPECIAL Thanks Baidenmann Family!!!

So special to gather with family!  It sure has been a wonderful time visiting relatives & family here in Holland!  
Baidenmann - Diemel - Flament - Middelplaats - 

We have much to be thankful for!