Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visiting my Cousin's Today & Family!

Our mom's are sisters....can you tell?  They say Lyda & I look alike ~
Nick & I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with our family in Rijswijk~ Lyda & Ron and their two daughters & families!  So Special!  Lyda's brother - Luuk also came with his 2 sons Duncan & Sem!  What a great time we had!  Wonderful to be together again!
 Quincy & Wendy and their little girls Djazzmin on Papa's lap and Malin on Mama's lap! 

I was so glad Lyda let Luuk know we were coming - 

Luuk with his sons Duncan and Sem! So great to meet them! 

What is that Dylan????

Lindsay had a little gift - how sweet!

I like the words!

 Yes have to keep smiling!!

Thank you Lindsay & Dylan!

Next time we meet Erno - Dylan's Papa!!!
 The ladies were preparing a nice dish for us - sate with peanut sauce & french bread - Lekker! 
 Mom with her two beautiful daughters Lindsay & Wendy~ 
 Ron invited the two cousins to sit on his lap!  OK...we better do that!!!  Say "Cheese!"

 Ron are your knees holding out?????


Great to talk to the girls and hear how everyone is doing! 
 We enjoyed talking and listening to music - Ron & Lyda love Barbara Streisand ~ and told us she had come to Amsterdam and they went to see her!  Wow what a Big treat!

 I told them about Jackie Evancho and Barbara doing a duet!

 Lindsay & Dylan stand outside and wave good-bye! 

 We headed home and came across a VERY familiar street - Pieter Langedijkstraat - Yes the very street & apartment we lived in as a family before we immigrated to the United States in December 1956!  There on the top floor right above the pine tree!  Wow....I just had to take a picture!

 Across from our apartment was a park...and it was still there too!  I remember my father going to work on his bike / motorbike and I was waving to him as he passed by this park!  I remember the rose bushes (no more!) and the thorns (ouch!)
 I remember the stores we shopped at - at the end of the street -Betje Wolfstraat...and my kindergarten school down this very street! 

Friday ~

 Nick & I took a walk into the Center of town this afternoon - it was a mild day and we had pretty much had a relaxed morning -

We came to the Hotel des Indies and walked inside - this building was the home of a  Baron and later it became a hotel and was visited by many people that came from the Dutch East Indies  When Indonesia was still ruled by Holland.
It is still a 5 star hotel...and you sure can tell!  The people below are having an English  "High Tea"   

 Pretty Indonesia scenes painted on the walls ~ 

 As we continued to walk to the center of town we came across little sitting areas along the curbs....later these will be full of people as they finish their week's work  and enjoy a drink with colleagues and friends ~  it sure makes the town cozy & inviting to see the cute seating areas along the way! 
 The is one of many plaza's in town - Het Plein "The Plaza" - lots of seating everywhere and many eating shops to sit and meet a friend!

Parking underneath & surrounded by many government buildings ~

 People were already gathering - this is so European...people stopping for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine...people strolling through town - a lovely setting! 

 Nick & I decided to sit and have something to drink as well with a snack....
 So''''''''''''' Good''''''''''''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey do we hear Western..honky-tonk music Nick?????? 

As we continued our walk through downtown we heard some "familiar" music - how fun Country Music in the Center of Town in The Hague!  Everyone ~ enjoyed it - there was a BIG crowd!

 As we strolled through downtown we came across this very cute tram...and people were enjoying a glass of wine inside....we wondered what it was and the person had a brochure for us & encouraged us to go to the Internet to find out more...the Tram was leaving!
 We did read up on it and this is a 5 course meal while going through the heart of The Hague...Euro 70,- pp for this meal  and tour!  How fun that would be!

 Inviting huh?  Check it out!  Click on this Link!

The Hoftrammm

 We walked towards the government offices and the Church ~

 Old buildings that have some updates (usually on the inside everything is very modern!) and then many old building that are still in the original style on the much history!

A very pretty car was for sale...what a sharp color!
 A Fish Stand  - very popular...herring, eel, all fresh fish caught this very day - lots of delicious snacks!

We entered into the port to see the government buildings.  I recall this is where Queen Beatrix was crowned  & now her son is our new King was Crowned just about a year ago!  
 Anno 1880 ~

 Yes I have to admit - I am proud of my place of Birth!  It is a pretty City! 

 The government seat of Holland is here in The Hague ~


Hofvijver The water that surrounds the government buildings ~
 The well known Maurits House Museum with many paintings from well-known Dutch painters:  Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer ~

This has recently opened again after some years of renovation. We hope to visit it soon!


So many many canals throughout the Dutch towns...but cute is this...a canal  - Dutch bikes leaning again the rail, and in the distance people enjoying a nice dinner out on a barge right outside the restaurant! 

 A child Care Center had this parked out front for the children to enjoy a ride!  Painted ORANGE of course!  So cute!

 Ahhhhhh......We made it back to the apartment and I made a Dutch dinner - sauerkraut with Dutch sausage and potatoes...hardy & filling with off course a salad! 
Come and Get it!!!