Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moving out of a hotel into our HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it????!!!!!!

My oh My look what the Lord has done!

Oh my goodness you all ~ we did find a house to rent....yes can you believe it?  And it is a BIG house more then Nick & I need -but it became available to use for the 2 months and that is what we had hoped,  to be stay here in Salatiga and that is exactly what happened!

We heard about it from visiting the church.  We are able to rent it for the balance of the year lease!
GOD is SO' GOOD!!!!!!  VERY cute huh??????!!!!!! 

So we will share some pictures with you - but keep in mind we are in Indonesia - don't compare anything to homes in the US - things are different here.  But having been here now for over 4 months - we can see that this is quite a fancy house for Indonesian standards and we are ever so appreciative of it!!!  The kitchen is very simple but fine!  The  bathroom thankfully has a 'normal' toilet in it (no Ellen will not need to use "the low rider!" as I call them out there!) - No vanity sink though and only a cold water in the bathroom.  Might have to boil water and use a scooper to scoop up the water mixed wht the cold out of the pail....for a few months!  Previous people had a portable hot water heater - which they took with them.
            We are considering doing something ...cold showers?????   Boil  the water first?????? Will keep you posted on that!

 We purchased a 2 pit burner (also kind of normal here) and today we found a used refrigerator!  The house has a king mattress still there - so today we went to a material store and had them cut cotton sheeting off the rolls.  We won't have time to sew a hem (it takes 5 days to put a hem on them) oh well - at least we have something to sleep on and under...ha! (they hardly sell sheets here - we would have to go to a larger town to purchase ready made sheets-weird huh?)  And a blanket - hard to find and the pillows...they are all foam....grrrrrr!  Ellen no like ...but is a girl to do????
                                                     Yes Ellen is learning a lot...ha!  

Tomorrow we rent a lpg tank for the stove top, and we might be able to pick up a dresser at the church office left by other people.  Nick & I did a little shopping picking up some pots and pans, 4 towels, some utensils and pails etc.  So getting the bare basic's ...... at least we will be able to move in tomorrow and sleep here!  
                                   The house is a 3 bedroom with a 1 car garage it has a pantry closet, and utility room too.  Front porch side porch ~  I will take a picture of our street too later!  We are in the heart of a kampung - a village.  5 dogs laying out front by the gate!

Inside Garage looking out ~ there is a door going into the house from the garage too!
This is the living dining area inside the center of the home.  No windows~ all 3 bedrooms are on the outside of this room ~ Each room has a bathroom - toilet and shower area.  No vanity.  The whole house is tiled - they do that here to keep things cool and also I think for maintenance - sweep it and mope it and that's it!
This is one of the bedrooms (side of the house)- which we will use - it is away from the front of the house that gets the Sun.  There was a newer mattress left behind...perfect!  King size of course!
                       The kitchen opens to a outside courtyard and also to the living dining area.
3 door cabinet - we bought a 2 pit burner see it on the counter?  
A small sink with cold water.  All this is just enough - it is basic but in this warm area - the tap water is not cold.  So no problem to do a few dishes!
                                                      Now lookie here......!!!!!
.......yes - and the 3rd bedroom has a baby bed in it - see Jason & Milou - we are all ready for you guys!  Little Skyler has a place to sleep here in Salatiga!

Come on Skyler - come to OMA in Salatiga Java Indonesia for Christmas!!!!!!
Side view of the house - the whole perimeter of the house is tiled - so easy maintenance !
This could be a nice porch sitting area - although the front of the house also has a bench sitting area.

 Side area ~
Back area off of kitchen.  Even has a washer hook up!  The water tank is for back up water supply - there is City water hook up.  Everyone has these water back up tanks above the ground - houses/hotels.

Tomorrow we have the used frig delivered and we will go and pick up the dresser because the homes here don't have closets.  Gotta have something to put our clothing into -  we are able to borrow a dresser from the church.  So little by little we are gathering a few items for the few months we are here! 

 I already received a call this evening to help tutor a child in English ~ Wow things are moving along!

We hope to be of help here for the upcoming months ~ Also had two gals in the hotels ask if we could tutor in English - people are so willing to learn and want to speak English better...and Nick & I are really interested to learn to speak Indonesian...so we could help one another...right?!!!

Pretty special and in the mean time we get a little rest and get back into eating salads and veggies!!!


Tomorrow we move in - and then find out about internet connection!  So for now - until we are online again....
Salamat Jalan! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Day in Singapore ~ Heading back to Indonesia and Salatiga Today ~

Wow...What a Day! 

We departed out of our hotel in Singapore with back packs on our backs off we walked to the MRT station (subway).  We would use the subway again to return to Changi Airport because it is such a convenient way to get around in Singapore!

So we did just that!  My head cold was much better - so thankful - and getting the strength back in the body is everything!  

Moving from one subway to another - it is all connected and all underground and colored coded ~
Good exercise too because you can take a fast pace like everyone else is doing going through those corridors! 

We are feeling like "pro's" - ha! But really - it is very well organized in Singapore...amazingly so!

We decided to have a good lunch - because we would have about a 5 hour travel ahead of us to fly/drive back to Salatiga  which we planned to do in one day!  

Nick had booked a hotel in Salatiga and there was no need to be in Semarang at all anyway!  With Salatiga being 2100 ft elevation - well you can imagine after HOT Singapore to return there!  

Nick & I enjoyed our meal and then headed to Terminal 1 where Air Asia departed from and caught this cute little airport shuttle and within 30 minutes we were on the flight back to Indonesia!  

A very special story~

Next to us in the plane we met "Mary" who was from Semarang and had traveled business in Singapore.  She spoke English well and it was a delight to chat with her!  She looked so young and said she had studied in Perth Australia and was married and had 3 children! My!  Yes she shared that her children and husband were home and the caretaker that had brought her up as a child was now the caretaker for her own children!  This is often the case in Asia - most people have family/close relations to help with the family needs!

So we tell Mary that we are heading to Salatiga when we arrived in Semarang and she said "oh my husband will be picking me up and he can bring you to the bus station" oh how nice Mary - thank you! So we go through Customs and there is her husband and driver and off we go heading out of the airport!  The Mary says 'oh my...our friend Paulus too was in the plane and his driver is picking him up here at the airport and they ARE going to Salatiga!  My Mary!  So she quickly dial's his number and Paulus and driver is right behind us!  We exchange greetings and we say our "thank you's and good bye's to Mary and her husband" and off we go with Paulus and his driver Anton in the car to Salatiga!!!!!!! Oh my how the Lord is guiding and directing our steps!!!!

So we sit there comfortable and I hear "Change my Heart Oh GOD"  on the CD playing - and saw a cross dangling from the mirror - and YES...Paulus & Anton smiled!  Ah....how special this is!

We were all four blessed and so pleased!

We had a good drive and Paulus took us to meet his beautiful family...Indah his sweet wife, Lina, San San, and Fiona 
They offered us nice treats and tea and water and were so kind and generous!  

                                                               What a delight!

They invited us to dinner & it happens to be where our suitcases were parked too! The Biztro Cafe ~ so we had a lovely dinner with the family there too and then they brought us to our hotel.  We all piled into the car - the family, Nick & I and two king size suitcases and two back packs...my oh my!  And our new friends graciously offered their home too!  Such hospitality!  We plan to stay in touch and Yes we do plan to visit them at their church in town too!  
Tuhan Memberkali dear family!

 So we were dropped off at the  hotel - called Kayu Arum Hotel...and we check in and are ushered with 3 helpers with our suitcases (oh gosh!) to our rooms....Tired and in awe...we could not believe our eyes you guys...it was a tropical paradise completely enclosed in a gorgeous setting and surrounded with privacy.  And for a very special price too (just have to share it with you...$29,-)
Just look at this place!!!!! 
pinch me????
The open dining area ~

 entering into the breakfast open buffet area ~

 And this is how we ate our first breakfast here this morning - what a beautiful setting to behold!
We are enjoying our breakfast and the surrounding too ~ look at this little pond and the rocks built up in the background?

Heading back to our room ~

Ah....one more call to family and friends...yes? 
                                                 Walkway to our building and room ~
 Nick is approaching our building and this is the sitting area to relax for anyone who wants to enjoy this open area right outside our room downstairs ~

 Stairs going up to our floor ~

Our room is the first one down the hallway - and it has it's own balcony too would you believe it??!!!
Cute huh?

We continue to have so many blessings and meet such wonderful new friends!

  How good our Father is! 

.........YES ALL THE TIME!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday....... Back to the Indonesian Embassy

Hi All!  It is Wednesday morning here in Singapore...and we woke up at 8 am...oh Wow!  Well - I - Ellen have been down with a major head cold since Monday afternoon!  No fun!  Ouch - sinuses, cough, drippy nose...oh how terribly low we can feel huh?  Sitting in a hotel - and all you want to do is sleep, and that is pretty much what I did on Tuesday - except for a very light meal.

So thankful that this morning - I am feeling more energy...thank YOU Lord!  Oh to be so drained and feel so weak - NO FUN!

So a NEW DAY! Yahooooooo! And we have our passports to pick up later at the Embassy at 3 pm - that is the plan for the day! It took 2 days to process.  On Monday,

between 9-12 am a person goes to the Embassy we filled out the application form, copy & proof  of the flight coming out of Indonesian, picture and yes we applied for another 2 month visa.  Then on Wednesday between 3-5 is when you pick it up.  It sure takes long to get a stamp but that is what we have to do!

Next time around we hope to get a sponsor and then if we do - we won't have to do this again - just go to Semarang to the immigration office and extend it for 6 months IF we have a sponsor that is!

After the Embassy on Monday we walked back to Orchard Road - a popular shopping street here in Singapore - if you recall from previous pictures when we first arrived in Singapore out of SF - it was a street full of Mall's!!!!!!  20 of them - lined up one by one - Yep!

Saw this tree - we had not seen before - such pretty flowers in it...and these hard-like coconuts hanging from the at the bottom...

                     Just gorgeous - looking up into it!  
 Walking along the shopping street - I saw this town!!!! Hey...good ole' Modesto - we we had lived for several years!  All the way here in Singapore!!! MY!
 We stopped to sit outside with a cup of coffee - 
it was not yet busy - and it was relaxing sitting there!
 In the business section of town - this guy was quietly reading - well I just felt like sitting on his lap!
And so I did without even asking! BOLD HUH?

We came across a Salad Bar...oh my Nick - shall we get a bite to eat?  It was so neat how they did it.  They grabbed a bowl - filled it up with all the salad and toppings you choose to have - then they put it on a cutting board and cut it up a bit - put into a big bowl and added the dressings - and mixed it!  Then back into the bowl!  That way everything is mixed well and it is ready to enjoy! NICE!

Nick & I were thinking - now that would be a good little business to start up in the States! Strictly a salad bar - 

Well you guys ~ it is time to start our day here in Singapore!  Got caught up again with you all~
feeling so much better and Nick was so patient with this sick girl - bless his heart!

This is our last day here in Singapore - because we can only pick up our passports so late in the day - we decided to use tomorrow to travel back to Indonesia. Nick booked a flight for the afternoon - and then we fly back (2 hrs)to Semarang and grabbed a taxi (2 hrs) back to Salatiga all in one day - so we can go preview that house that might possibly be available to rent for a few months ~ We are both so ready to settle for a while!

God knows - and we are looking forward to the plans He has for us! 

You all have a great day - hope all is going well with you dear family and friends~ Thanks for checking up on us once in a while!
Nico & Ellen are both doing well!

Missing your sweet faces!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday in Singapore

We had a Great Day today!

We had our breakfast in the room - this hotel does not include breakfast - we had purchased some items the evening before so we were ready to start our day! 

Off we went to the MRT - we had actually asked a local person where we could take a boat ride on the Singapore River - we remembered that from last time we were here.  So off we headed to the underground subway.  
 Everything is so well maintained and so' user friendly too!
 Nick looks on the map - pushes the place to get out of - and then computer just gives the amount, put in your change - and off we go!
......easy as pie!

People stand politely in line - on the sides of the entrance to the subway train - letting the passengers disembarking off first.
After they do - then we enter from the sides~

Here's the train - Nick - !
 There's that really neat hotel called Marina Bay Sand Hotel - WOW - it looks like a big ship on the top of those 3 towers!!!!
 And here is the Singapore River - and there is the Bumboat's we were interested in taking along the Marina!
                                                           Way Cool Nico!

Well it was another hotsie-totsie day in Singapore so the ride                                    will be nice! 30+ C 

 Time to go onboard - yeah! 
The "Captain" sat quietly steering the boat ~
 This was the smoothest ride ever!  But later we heard that the waters from the ocean into the river was controlled by locks. Interesting!
The TV screen and a very pleasant voice told us all about the sights and history along the riverfront!
                                            So much to hear and ever so interesting to hear it all!

This area along the wharf was at one time the area where the Chinese did their business -

 Back - years ago - the local boys would be jumping off the sides into the river - how cute huh?!

 As we get closer to the hotel - it is still a amazing sight - don't you think?

 Do you know that on the very top is a swimming pool that is built along the border of that long - ship looking thing!  There is gardens - pool -

                               A Special promotional at this hotel was a room cost at $390,-  Well not at this time...maybe some other day..ha!

This Lion is Singapore's mascot - he is spitting lots of water!
We passed this old classic hotel - The Fullerton Hotel and we would  like to walk over to it and see the inside~
It was a century old English built - hotel from Singapore's English past!
                        These old homes along the riverfront had a special story to it - the Chinese merchants did their fishing, and business there across the river - and then in 1929 this bridge was built so that
...... that the local people could cross over to the Chinese section to do business with them.  
 If you double click on this picture you will see that all the shutters on that building ahead are all painted a different color - really cute - it used to police station in the colonial days and there was some more history told about some 'not so good' things that happened in there... - but now it is the Art Center.

Well it was a well-worthwhile 45 min boat ride and we saw much! 
 Dark clouds were coming in and we could hear the thunder up                                     there already...oh oh!
Nick & I decided to walk along the Riverfront now that we knew where it all went to!

 Lots of restaurants along the way....
                               OK you guys - get ready to be cooked really                                                        soon....sorry!
Cute cobblestone walkways along the river.

We came to The Fullerton Hotel ~
                                                This is the inside of the Hotel -

A very impressive staircase ~
Classical music coming from above ~ 

Lovely huh?!!!!!!!
Such simple things - gives such joy & pleasure to look at!
                                            Koi fish under the stairs ~ they were so big!

A picture of a picture - yes delightful to see this old hotel enjoyed and appreciated by many guests!