Saturday, October 4, 2014

Searching for a Motorhome....This is our LAST entry to this blog "Our Bucket List: Asia here we Come!"

Please Note~ This is are last post on this we end our trip to Asia!  Now we will start a new blog called "Our Bucket List: RVing on a Budget!" as we share our travels here in the US!

We arrived into Seattle the next day!  Our dear friends Al & Sue welcomed us warmly with open arms!  So sweet!  Gosh 16 months sure flew by when we think we said our good-byes back in May of 2013!

It was good to see them again and we enjoyed being together and sharing our trip...they too have done a world trip with their son Hadley in 2005 for a year!  Hadley was 10 years old...what a fantastic experience it was!

 Our first morning sitting on the deck of Al & Sue's home viewing Lake Washington here in Seattle...Gorgeous! 
 What a nice way to eat your breakfast cereal right????

 They have enjoyed their beautiful home for many years here in Seattle!  A great view!

 We looked at motorhomes that first day and then on the second day "we found it!!!!!!"  A 1999 Southwind Storm (Fleetwood) and it was in immaculate condition! 
 The seller John & Linda have owned it for a short time only...they had purchased motor home from the original owners who had parked it indoors!  And Yes! you could really tell... it was really nice looking! 

 Queen size bed with cabinets and storage under the bed too!

 A full shower!
 Nice vanity and bathroom! 
 TV above the bed....spoiled!

From the bed all the way to the front of the motorhome...seems so long!!!!
 Kitchen area with dining and gas(propane cooking) and oven and microwave too! 
 Refrigerator and freezer! Nice!

 Are we spoiled...yes we are!  We are feeling so blessed....the adventure continues onward and we hope to enjoy this for a while until we know what the next step is!  

"On the Road again......!!!!!" 

This Blog is now complete...we have returned to the US and now begin a new adventure and we would like to continue to share with you our travels with you...come on board with us on our new BLOG!

The new blog is called "Our Bucket List: RV'ing on a Budget!" do follow us as we "hit the road" in the motor home! 

We sure thank you for staying with us these 16 months on our trip - it has been an amazing & blessed time...Nick & I are so' thankful to have been able to do this...and meet so' many wonderful people whom we hold dear in our hearts! 

Thank YOU all for being a part of our travels, and thank you for the prayer support & covering we have had during these 16 months of travel....we are most grateful from the bottom of our hearts!  

         God Bless each and everyone of you! 

                                Nick & Ellen

Arriving into Vancouver Canada!

 Well we finally reached the destination ~  a very good flight it was!

We actually with light all the way...back to North America...flying back in time - that is!  And when we got here the sun set in the horizon!

 There's Vancouver....lots of lights!

 We went down the corridors and it was a BIG airport!  Went through customs and that was easy and collected our stuff...and off we went to the car rental agency!

 We had ordered a economy car but when we got there they didn't have they upgraded us to a larger car!
 Would you believe it...a Dodge it looked KINGSIZE to us!  Having been in Europe the cars are so much smaller there!  It looked humongous to us!

 But we loaded it up and off we went down the freeway...we decided to go over the border this evening and enter into the was only 9 pm at this time! 
 We came to the border and there it was...all lighted up with a monument...nice!

America - Here we come!!!  Back in the USofA....yeah!  There's no place like home!  
We quickly entered and we had nothing to declare...driving the freeways are great of wide and so BIG!  The roads are 2 or 3 lanes...and with this big Dodge Charger we drove comfortably for a while and then checked into a rest!  

Yes we are back into familiar grounds again!!!

Departing Holland...Sniff....Sniff!

Yes always hard...a time for coming...JOY! JOY! JOY! and then a time for departing...but with a FULL heart of thanksgiving to ALL!

We had a wonderful time...with Jas & family!!!!  Seeing my aunts and all our families on both sides and seeing a bit of beautiful Holland and spending time with my dear girlfriend and family - which are practically family - I have known them so' long!!!

 Walking in the house at Jas & Milou ~ Skyler had on a pretty dress and Oma said something about it and she got really shy and went to her toy! 

 Milou helped show her outfit....cute huh?  A sweet little girl with a fun outfit on..ready to take Oma & Oma America to the airport!  Sweet picture of my Milou huh?  Yes she a my favorite daughter-in -law!!!  Well just call her my daughter!!! 
 Our gift to Skyler "Mouse" was held onto by her...she cuddled close to Mama!  And Mouse too!  She calls him "Mouse" gotta teach her some English you know!!!!

Well off we the airport...a 45 min drive!
Suitcases, backpacks everything went in the car! 
 Jas & Nico chatted up there...

We checked in our suitcases and because the plane Air Transat a Canadian airline was not full...they let us hand in our suitcases with the over weight we had...not too much but still they would of charged us!  23 kilo's p.p. was all that was allowed!  But gosh - how about having traveled all this time no grace?
 We then sat down together for a last "kroketje" and it was so nice to spend some more time together!

 Skyler & Momma had gone shopping for Oma & Opa...and she picked out some gifts especially for us!

 Nick received a "stick-on" mustache....huh!
 OK Nick...that too is a possibility~ 

 Oh my these are so' good!!!!!
 Then Tineke & Bart arrived - They  had taken off early from come to the nice!  Thank you Tineke & Bart!!!

 I am going to miss my little girl!!!! 

 Last picture together till next year!!!!  Love you all!!! Will miss you!  Thank you for a wonderful time together!!!
 Cute picture of Tien!!!!

 Papa Papa ...wait for me.....!!!

Last Pictures of my beautiful girls!!!
 "On the Road again........"
 There in the distance Jas, Milou & Skyler waved and waved!  Tineke and Bart too!!!

Had to go through customs and we were held up because they could not find the entry stamp into the EU - so we were brought into a room...and they tried to check it out more diligently...then after a good search through our passports they did find it (we have many stamps in there!) but on July 5th we entered into the EU and there was a faded we were released with a departure stamp out of the EU!  OK...down the corridors we go to find the Gate! 

 We went right through the screening and right into the airplane...and we left right on time!
 The plane was very nice and it seemed that we had more leg room then usual!  Nice! 

 Off we go....Good Bye Holland...we have had a wonderful visit and a wonderful time!

 Holland - a beautiful country to much to see and do! 
 9 hours and 35 minutes it took to cross over the the northern hemisphere!