Saturday, October 4, 2014

Arriving into Vancouver Canada!

 Well we finally reached the destination ~  a very good flight it was!

We actually with light all the way...back to North America...flying back in time - that is!  And when we got here the sun set in the horizon!

 There's Vancouver....lots of lights!

 We went down the corridors and it was a BIG airport!  Went through customs and that was easy and collected our stuff...and off we went to the car rental agency!

 We had ordered a economy car but when we got there they didn't have they upgraded us to a larger car!
 Would you believe it...a Dodge it looked KINGSIZE to us!  Having been in Europe the cars are so much smaller there!  It looked humongous to us!

 But we loaded it up and off we went down the freeway...we decided to go over the border this evening and enter into the was only 9 pm at this time! 
 We came to the border and there it was...all lighted up with a monument...nice!

America - Here we come!!!  Back in the USofA....yeah!  There's no place like home!  
We quickly entered and we had nothing to declare...driving the freeways are great of wide and so BIG!  The roads are 2 or 3 lanes...and with this big Dodge Charger we drove comfortably for a while and then checked into a rest!  

Yes we are back into familiar grounds again!!!

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